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At Futuro clinical trials we are currently conducting different research studies. Please review the study synopsis to see if one of our studies can fit your needs.

Meet Our Team

At Futuro Clinical Trials LLC, our team consists of experienced and certified individuals who are educated in clinical research methods.

Clinical Studies

Fungal infections
Diabetic Ulcers
Skin infections
Peripheral Arterial Disease
Poor Circulation
Pedal Deformities
Athlete’s Foot
Diabetic Complication
Meet Our Team Members!

At Futuro Clinical Trials LLC, our team consists of experienced and certified individuals who are educated in clinical research methods.

Dr. Joseph Caporusso Dr. Joseph Caporusso

Dr.Caporusso is the CEO and Certified Principal Investigator at Futuro Clinical Trials LLC. He is a Podiatrist who practices in McAllen, Texas. Dr. Caporusso specializes in a variety of foot-related complications ranging from diabetic foot ulcers to peripheral arterial disease. Dr. Caporusso has served as the President of the American Podiatric Medical Association, The International Federation of Podiatrists and Texas Podiatric Medical Association. He also chaired The Peripheral Artery Disease Coalition.

Jessica Rodriguez Jessica

Jessica Rodriguez is a Rio Grande Valley native who graduated from Nikki Rowe High School in 1996. After working as a medical assistant in Dallas, Texas, Jessica began her career in 2003 with research in ophthalmology, where she over saw the daily clinical research operations. She is experienced in investigator initiated trials, Phase I through Phase IV studies in ophthalmology, cardiology and most recently podiatry. In 2008, she received her certification through ACRP(Association of Clinical Research Professionals). Jessica is currently the Director of Research at Futuro Clinical Trials, LLC.

Brenda Hernandez Brenda

Brenda Hernandez grew up in Alamo, TX. She is a clinical research coordinator at Futuro Clinical Trials, LLC with four and half years of experience. She graduated from the University of Texas Pan-American in 2010, where she earned her Bachelor of Science. Her Medical Therapeutic Areas include Nephrology and Podiatry. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. She currently coordinates clinical research trials which involve the collection, and documentation needed for clinical research. Brenda has a passion for improving the patient's quality of life and health outcomes.

Criselda (Chrissy) Rodriguez Chrissy

Criselda Rodriguez was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley and graduated from PSJA High School in 1998.After receiving her certifications, she has been active in the medical field for 15 years and worked as a medical assistant in phlebotomy, chiropractic therapy, internal medicine and podiatry. She is currently a clinical research coordinator at Futuro Clinical Trials, LLC and conducts several diabetic foot ulcer and onychomycosis studies. She is fluent in both English and Spanish, which allows her to communicate well with all patients. Criselda committed herself to research because of its broad scope and advances in helping patients with wound care and knowledge.

Deyla Anaya Deyla

Deyla Anaya began her career in research after receiving her Bachelor's of science in biology in 2010. Her medical therapeutic areas include ophthalmology, cardiovascular, diabetes, and podiatry. She currently coordinates clinical trials in diabetic foot ulcers and onychomycosis. She is responsible for recording patient data, performing medical tests such as blood draws and vital statistics, and following the clinical protocol under the study's guidelines.

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